Renovation Amsterdam


Name: Renovation Amsterdam
Place: Amsterdam
Country: The Netherlands
Function: Dwelling
Year: 2014


Lijnbaansgracht is a project I designed and supervised whilst working at Klein BV.

This formal coals storage in the middle of the Jordaan district in Amsterdam had to be transformed into a dwelling with storage for a bike shop. The building had a heritage status, so we had to work within council restrictions and any idea needed to be in consultation with the heritage commission.

The concept for this plan was to maintain the space by showing the depth and the repetition of the old wooden trusses. To apply our design for the building we tried to avoid too many walls so the overview of the building was guaranteed. The separations which had to be made, were made transparent, where possible.

Construction wise, the building was not in a good shape. The front façade leaned towards the street, the trusses where missing some elements and the foundation was poor. In order to save the building, a new foundation was needed.

To create more space, the new foundation and floor were partly deepened. This resulted in successfully achieving the split level design. The front façade had to be preserved in its original form, being it leaned towards the street. To preserve this, we anchored the façade towards the new construction within the building. The trusses were also heritage, so what ended being missing we got to repair.

With this project we preserved a unique piece of Amsterdam. It is one of a kind and probably the only building like this left in Amsterdam.