Renovation Venhuizen


Name: Renovation Venhuizen
Place: Venhuizen
Country: The Netherlands
Function: Dwelling
Year: 2012


The project Venhuizen is a renovation project with a new wellness shed. A private client bought an old farmhouse which had to be renovated and redecorated. Beside the old farm house the client wanted to have a wellness building at the place where an old barn was standing. 

After constructive investigation and measuring the farmhouse we came to the conclusion that the building had a few constructive errors. For the middle part, the old hay barn, it was necessary to make a constructive plan to keep the barn upright after redecorating it.

The floor plan of the farm house in the new design will be divided into 5 rooms, with every room its own bathroom, and two communal spaces, of which one is in the hay barn area. The other communal space has an kitchen and is placed into the front part of the farm house.

The wellness building will be made totally new in a traditional way of pine rafters. The outside will have a hardened terrace with a deepened part for the ‘Hot tub’. Inside the building there will be situated a sauna, rain shower, toilet, kitchen and chill out room for the wellness side, but also a garage, workshop and washing area will be integrated into the building.

This project i did at Klein BV and my work contained the design, made all the drawings, been in contact with client and council, did the supervision of the project and did the guidance of the project. The status of the building is that it is finished in mid 2012 and is now been used.