Renovation Bilthoven


Name: Renovation Bilthoven
Place: Bilthoven
Country: The Netherlands
Function: Dwelling
Year: 2014


The client hired us to create a plan to renovate a newly purchased home located at Verhulstlaan, Bilthoven.

The challenge we faced was to transform the garage space into the new kitchen / living area. Within the garage there were a few constructive walls which had to be removed in order to obtain the spacious kitchen area the client desired. To achieve this result, steel trusses were added to support the roof and to obtain maximum space.

Within the new kitchen space we also had to create a more flowing connection with the outdoor area. To achieve this we completely removed the façade towards the garden. We didn’t want to eliminate the warm feeling within this space, so we divided the glass façade with a frame.

The client wanted a modern design interior but keeping its original charm and warm feeling. To obtain this we designed a base structure to enclose the different living areas. By adding colour and home-ware we achieved this result.

With this approach we also provided flexibility within the living area. It will make it easy to adjust in the future by simply changing colour or home-ware, without losing the spaces - tailored and sustainable.

The design was in association with P. de Weerd MSc