BSH 3C – Kavel 14


Name: BSH 3C – Kavel 14
Place: Buiksloterham Amsterdam Noord
Country: Netherlands
Function: 3 Dwellings
Year: 2014
File: download


Within the development around the Buiksloterham in Amsterdam Noord, we are asked to design an apartment building containing three dwellings on a so called ‘self-build plan’ (zelfbouwkavel Buiksloterham Amsterdam Noord). On the plot there is a set maximum volume and a few set rules. Besides that we are free to design a plan.

Because the plan doesn’t have residents yet, we made a plan to sell. When the apartments are sold, the plan is to collaborate with the future residents and provide a tailored design.

To be continued!!

Note: the web design on the facade is from shutterstock Stockvector-id: 90062059 by ihor_seamless