Private Residence Ouderkerk a/d Amstel


Name: Private Residence Ouderkerk a/d Amstel
Place: Ouderkerk a/d Amstel
Country: The Netherlands
Function: Private Residence
Year: 2017


Traditional form meets contemporary design. For a private client we designed a residence in the countryside of Ouderkerk a/d Amstel The Netherlands. The starting point of the design was an earlier made design (7 years ago) which had a base design coming from a Dutch country house. A one layer base with a roof existing of two angles.

The client liked to keep this form, but wanted a contemporary interpretation. With that idea and the knowledge of the Aesthetic rules of the council we came to this design.

The highlight of the design is the steel gutters and roof ends, made of steel UNP 300.
We made this design in cooperation with P. De Weerd.